Measures Corona virus

Due to the rapid evolution of the Corona virus, we would like to inform you about the measures taken within the company to protect our employees, customers and suppliers.

At Wibio, all our office employees work from home. They remain at your disposal on the know numbers. Concerning the appointments, these will be moved to a later date. We will keep in touch!

Our production employees are still able to continue their work by applying the government imposed social distancing rules. Currently we are not experiencing any problems with our suppliers. This makes it possible for you to still place orders. Preferably we will have your orders delivered. Pick-up is possible after contact by phone (as before).

We are trying to support our clients as best as we can during these exceptional circumstances. Further work schedules could be affected by the measures taken by our suppliers. Given the many questions, especially regarding the duration of this situation and the ever-changing circumstances/measures, we want to act as pragmatic as possible. We assume that the current situation will become the new normal for a longer period of time and, within the more than justified measures, we choose to (re)organise our activities as well as possible.

As a side effect of these bizarre circumstances, we have been given the unexpected gift of time, time that we like to use for self-reflection as an organisation and in which we will work on being a better company in the future.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who are taking care for our sick beloved ones, but also to those who ensure that the resources for our basic needs are still plentiful.

Most of all, let us take good care of each other!