GreenWall in city patio



In the spring 2013, a young couple bought a deteriorated terraced house in the centre of Antwerp. With a thorough renovation, they revived the property. They decided to extend the interior’s sleek and modern design into the outdoor space. The shoddy extensions gave way to a minimal city patio with a maximal impact on the perception, both visually and functionally.




A powerful green accent on their patio was a must for the new owners, without sacrificing the terrace function, however, while taking into account the extremely confined outdoor space of 6.5 to 1.25 m.


Project details


Like a green cascade, the GreenWall not only presents a shrill contrast to the neutral colours of the interior, as seen from the kitchen, it is also a natural eye-catcher. The green of the plants creates an oasis of calm amidst the rush of the city.


Integrated product


The single-sided GreenWall is 2.5 m high, 6 m wide, and was planted with Carex Morrowii.


Thanks to its simple installation, the GreenWall was erected in no more than 4 hours by 2 persons.


This project proves that with simple structures like the GreenWall, one can easily overcome difficulties and enable more greenery in urban contexts.