In the field, efficient edgings consolidate the designs pattern of lines between different surfaces. In doing so, they maximize the visual impact of the outdoor space, simplify maintenance, and provide a safer environment.


The practical benefits of edgings are widely known, yet we rarely deal at great length with their versatility. They are a familiar sight where ever a footpath needs to be detached from the road, but they are more than just a technical solution: they also protect vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists. As an edge restraint they keep paving bricks and other pavements in place, whether on your terrace or along a flower bed, where the edging not only provides durability, but also visually attractive accents, that seamlessly translate the character of the design into the outdoor space.


To realize the efficiency and the aesthetic effect of  your design lines to their utmost in the field, you dispose of apt instruments with Wibio’s edgings. With a wide range of different materials, thicknesses, and finishes, you get to choose from AluExcel, Contour, and Verge to find the best solution for every application, regarding style, safety and strength.