Mobile greenery

These days one can hardly imagine a society without greenery; it is now an essential part of it. Whether at temporary events or in polyvalent open spaces green decoration is a defining factor for the atmosphere.


Today, squares and streets often have to serve more than one purpose, so flexibility and versatility are expected. Even when not all building elements within the design can have a permanent nature, fortunately, as a designer you can count on some mobile solutions, which in no time can be installed and repositioned, conjure up an instant result with greenery or flowers, and are removed as quickly.


Apart from parks and well fitted green spaces, city people first and foremost need eye contact with greenery. Because it is exactly that direct impact that unconsciously makes them feel good. Thanks to smaller interventions, greenery within the citizen’s immediate sight is able to break through the grey of the city. A flower tower on the corner, a green wall that camouflages the dull row of façades across the street, or tree planters that provide the street view from your window with a touch of green, those are but a few possibilities to live up to our green desire.


Making your selection from MobiWall, FlowerTower, and TreeCube, you can put together the ideal combination of mobile greenery for your application.