Public gardens

To truly enjoy their city, residents need attractive oases, where they can meet to chat, play, relax, dream… Which, apart from an aesthetic and functional design, requires a sustainable realization.


More and more, people in the city are frequenting the open space in their neighbourhood, to take a breath of fresh air, to find each other’s company, sometimes even to jointly discover the joys of city gardening. They prefer to do that in an environment where they smell flowers, hear birds singing, and see squirrels frolicking in the trees. In that respect, public gardens can  serve quite a lot of purposes in the city. Thanks to a wide range of products that can easily be fitted into a paved context, you get to put together the perfect solution, time and again, for every purpose and in every urban environment. To do so, Wibio offers you a variety of edgings, the Shape and ShapeBox planter and other planter systems, the TreeCube, and the FlowerTower.