Raised planter beds

A city that looks at the future, seizes every opportunity to insert greenery. In less obvious environments, above underground facilities and infrastructure, for instance, planter beds offer a solution.


In need of a robust partition that knows how to create or resist ground elevation in your design? Then it’s Brink you can rely on. This strong, preformed and made-to-measure steel edging concept fits any design, whether straight or organic. Where it appears impossible to plant trees and shrubs in open ground, you can count on the TreeCube, a stylish and low maintenance tree planter. The panels of the Shape on the other hand enable assembling planters entirely to your wishes. Even as a retaining wall, the Shape stands its ground.


Raised planter beds come with two major benefits. First of all, they minimize the chance of seedlings being trampled or run over by traffic, a sad fate often suffered by tiny,  frail plants. Elevations pleasing the eye add an extra factor of attraction to your design. They bring accents to the paths, and with greenery elements and, optionally, a seat, they help create the informal atmosphere needed to transform city squares and gardens into a lively social hotspot.