Rooftop gardens

High-rise building is the solution to slow down the expansion of urbanization and at the same time to meet the challenge of population growth. In that context, rooftop gardens are the answer to various climate challenges tomorrow’s city is presented with. Their being a lust to the eye, is a nice asset.


During droughts, rooftop gardens significantly mitigate inner city temperatures. Which might make it a little more inviting to switch of the air-conditioning and save on your energy bill. Upon heavy showers, they buffer the water, allowing us to keep excess rainwater from streets and cellars. Furthermore, quite a lot of micro-organisms find a suitable habitat in these floating oases of greenery. Rooftop gardens relieve some pressure off biodiversity.


Isn’t it wonderful to look up from a busy street to see the blue sky in a frame of lush greenery? Or to enjoy a view of the city from a green roof full of plants, trees, and grasses? Nobody will deny that living and working in such an atmosphere becomes far more pleasant!