Stormwater infrastructure

Where there is no way round vast paved surfaces for your urban infrastructural design, you need solutions to collect sudden, large amounts of precipitation.


Flooding and soil erosion are not on you wish list, are they? Of course, you also keep in mind that the water table benefits from slow infiltration of rainwater. Just like the possibility of recycling and filtering of sewer overflow. And all of this preferably without waste of useful space.


Ever more often, we experience severe rain showers, and hence flooded streets, neighbourhood, city quarters and highways. Time and again, with considerable damage. Increasing the drain capacity of the sewerage appears unrealistic. Fortunately, other solutions are available. Water buffering can nowadays be handled in the problematic areas themselves, in various ways, according to local soil and water conditions. Apart from a restriction of paved surfaces, green roofs, wetlands and underground retention, combined with slow infiltration, appear to be successful solutions.


Thanks to Wibio, water is no longer your enemy but a valuable partner. From our range of products, you assemble the stormwater infrastructure that fits your project. Quickly installed, always equally functional as climate robust, and ,especially, easy to maintain. A revolutionary step forward compared to classic crate systems!