Tree infrastructure

For centuries, whether in cities or villages, people have met under the beneficent shade of majestic trees. But apart from this picturesque image, city trees have to offer us a lot more. Think of temperature mitigation, water management and recreation.


With the right tree crowns you get to keep summer heat off streets and buildings, keeping the air conditioner power consumption within reasonable limits. In case of heavy showers, canopy, branches and trunk absorb part of the rainwater. Rain that does reach the soil, can largely be buffered below the ground level. The result: a lower peak volume of wet weather overflow. Good news for the otherwise often overloaded sewerage. That way, retained water can slowly infiltrate the soil to balance the water table. Of course, trees are also a thing of beauty and undeniably have a positive effect on how we feel, yes, even on our health.


Then again, trying to let trees grow in an urban environment, one is presented with a tremendous challenge. Fortunately, nowadays you can count on Wibio’s tree root management. This approximates the natural habitat of the trees to such an extent, that they can mature in streets and on squares, above subways and underground car parks. And there is no need for fear of infrastructural damage. In exchange, the trees supply us with various benefits for several decades.